Treating ourselves in Cusco


“Mas, mas, por favor!” I state rather too excitedly as I check the back of my head with a handheld mirror to find that I am now sporting a euro-mullet.

After a few more minutes of the most careful scissor-work I have ever been privy to, the hairdresser who misunderstood my original intentions has just about given me a pretty darn good haircut.

Upon second inspection, the back of my head looks much more reasonable.

“Muy bien, senora. Muchas gracias!” I say with a smile of relief.

We had a few days to spare in Cusco (a town which I am totally in love with) after finishing our trek to Machu Picchu. After the few days of roughing it Marina and I decided to treat ourselves.

Since I had not had a haircut since before my PhD defense back in mid April, I was in serious need of a mop-chop. On the other hand, Marina had been enticed by one of the dozens massage parlors around town.

So it was decided.

We headed towards town together and then spilt up for our respective sessions.

From what I heard, Marina’s massage was pretty good and it lasted for a full hour. She paid 25 soles (less than $9).

Despite a rough start (I had to select a favorable style out of a men’s hairstyle book circa 1980), and a bit of a bump in the journey described above, I had the most careful and lengthy haircut of my life, lasting approximately 45 mins).

I have NEVER felt so well attended to in any barber shop.

And I paid a total of 10 soles for it ($3.50).

It’s nice to once again have the option of NOT wearing a hat.

I’m going to miss Cusco…


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