Phuket, Phang Nga, and Koh Phi Phi: A photo diary

Longtail boats in Koh Phi Phi Lei (filming location for the movie "The Beach")

A small sample of our favorite photos from southern Thailand (Phuket, Phang Nga, and Koh Phi Phi).

Sunset on Phuket's Kata beach

Sand crab on Kata beach, Phuket

Phuket Tuk Tuks

Beach bar on Kata beach, Phuket

Marina enjoying a beautiful sunset

Marina enjoying a beautiful sunset in Phuket

Us at 'James Bond' Island in Phang Nga Bay

Thai boy bathes outside at a floating village in Phang Nga Bay

Reclining Buddha in Suwan Khuha cave, Phuket

Longtail boats in Koh Phi Phi Lei (filming location for the movie "The Beach")

Us at The Beach; Koh Phi Phi Lei

Island crusing near Koh Phi Phi

Marina's favourite pose on Bamboo island


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    • Thank you Dorotka! That is a such a lovely comment. To be honest, you were one of the people who originally inspired me to start traveling. Look what you’ve done! :)

    • Thanks, Amanda! Glad you enjoyed the photos. Marina has really taken some incredible shots over the past few months. I can’t wait to share them all on here.

    • Thanks, Tati. It was all Marina’s hard work. She never forgets to remind me how MUCH better the photos could have been had she brought her DSLR – something I had talked her out of doing. Oops…:)

  1. Hello…so I subscribe to PLoS blogs and interestingly your blog popped up about why you’ve been incognito so I clicked over to your PhD Nomad blog and have thence subscribed. Kudos for your decision to travel following your PhD. I can sympathize? haha, with your situation–2 bachelors degrees, 2 certificates, and 7 years for my PhD and I went directly into a PostDoc. I dreamed of ‘letting it all go’ and becoming one of the over-educated ‘umemployed’–travel etc…unfortunately my situation was a bit different coming out of my degree process. I was just fortunate, though, to find a postdoc in Thailand. I’m based in Bangkok (I’m a microbiologist) and will be finishing up my place here in the next several months. If you and Marina come through Bangkok, I’d love to take you out and swap stories of academia and adventure abroad. If not, then happy travels!

    • Hi Mel! Thanks for stopping by. Although it sounds like we’ve taken slightly divergent routes since our PhDs, we both ended up in SE Asia:) Glad to hear things are going well for you and that you were able to stay inside academia and experience a new culture. Near the end of our PhDs, I don’t think even that (postdoc in exotic location) would have convinced us to stay. Just out of curiosity, what is your next step after the post-doc? Sadly, while we certainly thank you for the offer and would have loved to have met you in Bangkok as we were there in Sept and Dec of 2011, we are now in Auckland, and will be here for a few months with no immediate plans to head back to Thailand. We certainly miss SE Asia, and Thailand, in particular. The cost of living there is simply unbeatable – something we were rudely reminded of when we landed in New Zealand! Feel free to continue the conversation by using the “Contact us” form on the site. All the best on the next step!

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  3. Just wondering what time of year and date those pictures were shot, etc when you went to Koh PhiPhi etc as I have been lead to believe “The Beach” beach is not as private and secluded as it used to be and is actually over-run by tourists and local sellers etc and quite more expensive as it is, dare I say, ruined by over tourism…?

    • Hi Fiona,

      These pictures were taken in November and yes, there are plenty of tourists that swarm these beautiful areas. The key is to join a tour that attempts to work around the schedule of the most popular tours. This is what we did and we had many of the stops that day largely to ourselves for at least 30-60 mins before the hoards of tourists would show up. Alternatively, you could actually stay on Koh Phi Phi for the night, which would give you access to the beautiful sights before and after the tourist boats drop by on day tours. Sadly, much as the rest of the tourist circuit, it is getting harder and harder to have some serenity and be able to take a decent photo of a popular destination.


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